Turkish Apple – Infused Tea


With years of experience in the industry, D’Pure presents all-inclusive range of Turkish Apple Tea that is made up of premium grade ingredients. It helps to refresh mind and remove stress, tiredness, etc. Turkish Apple Tea is an essential requirement of majority of people and they take it at least three times a day.

Turkish Apple Tea is delivered in different packaging so as to match the demands of clients. These are completely air tight so as to provide safe and damage free products to customers. Hence, we are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the renowned Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesale Turkish Apple Tea Suppliers from India.

Features of Turkish Apple Tea

  • Fresh and pure
  • Optimum quality
  • Damage free
  • Available in bulk quantity

Dpure brings the taste and aroma with goodness of Turkish Apple to your refreshingly invigorating Black Tea infused with peals of Turkish Apple. A delicate fruit to make a gentle but effective pick-me-up, full of cheerfulness and fun. Delicious at any time of day, it is especially suitable for drinking with a mid-morning snack to brighten up a rainy day at the office!  Dpure combines Turkish apple peals so perfectly in natural ways to retain its natural values adding extra benefit’s to your tea creating intense satisfaction and enjoyable beverage.

When used aromatically, rose calms and soothes the mind.

Individually wrapped, tea bag ( 2 gram each )
25 tea bag in a box, e 50 gram net / 1.75oz
60 box in a master carton

Packing Unit Weight Unit Carton 40ft Container Loading
without envelope 50 gram 25 dip pouch 60 unit 2730
without envelope 100 gram 50 dip pouch 30 unit 2730
with envelope 50 gram 25 dip pouch 48 unit 2140

100% certified organic infusion
Also in Conversational infusion

Full boil for 4 minutes

Yes, but less than coffee