Maida – Plain flour. General purpose flower.

plain-flourMaida is a finely milled and refined and bleached wheat flour, closely resembling cake flour, and used extensively in making fast food round the globe, Indian bakery use Maida in making of pastries and bread, varieties of sweets and sometimes in making traditional Indian breads such as paratha and naan. It is made from the endosperm, the starchy white part of the grain, while the fibrous bran is removed in the mill.

After the grinding of the flour in a flour mill, it is passed through a fine 600 mesh per square inch to obtain maida. Various pastries and other bakery items like bread, biscuits, toast etc. are also made from maida. Maida flour is superior in taste and quality which is also affordable and can be stored for longer durations. Maida flour is popular amongst confectionery shops, hotels, bakeries etc.


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