GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice

Dpure manufacturing unit has been accredited as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure:

1. Raw materials used in the manufacture of food product and other items are authentic, of prescribed quality and are free from contamination;

2. The Integrated manufacturing facility and the process has been prescribed to maintain the standards of purity;

3. Adequate quality control measures are adopted;

4. The manufactured biscuit, which is released for sale, is of acceptance quality.

More over D’pure complies with all regulatory norms with respect to air pollution, water pollution, waste & sewage management and fire safety measures.

Quality Control System: Dpure takes utmost care in every aspect of the Quality Control measures to ensure its consumer the best-ever product in terms of safety and efficacy. Starting with raw materials and packaging materials it adopts standard protocols for checking quality of semi-finished and finished products. Every product goes into market passes through stringent quality control in every step.Dpure’s Quality Control Department is well managed by a team of experienced professionals and supported by a set ofLaboratories that work intrinsically under the same umbrella.

The Laboratories, work in coherent fashion and they are:

1. Pharmacognosy Laboratory

2. Phytochemistry Laboratory

3. Microbiology Laboratory

4. Instrumentation Laboratory

5. Packaging Section

These laboratories as per the Pharmacopoeial Standard conduct tests pertaining to Quality Control. Where the tests are not available, the test is performed according to the manufacturer’s specification. We have also standard in-house parameters for drug evaluation. The quality control section verifies all the raw materials and monitors as well as conducts quality checking during process and controls the quality of finished product being released to finished goods warehousesQuality Control Department keeps manufacturing record for various manufacturing processes.

To verify the supplied raw materials and finished products, the department preserves control samples of used raw materials and finished products of each batch for at least 3 years.Quality Control Department also supervises and monitors adequacy of conditions under which raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are stored. This enables data for proper storage requirements for the drugs and also helps to establish shelf life. Hence, the manufactured products released for sale are of highest international standard. Moreover this enables D’pure to deliver Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals and herbal personal care products with uniform levels of safety and consistency.