D’pure. complies with the provisions of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) that is the standard operating procedures, organizational process, test facilities, personnel & test systems to ensure the following things:

1.   To promote development of quality test data
2.   To protect human health and environment
3.   To make compatible products for mutual acceptance in different countries

Dpure. has the latest state-of-the art laboratory infrastructure facilities to conduct Research activities. Our laboratory is well equipped with modern scientific instruments and managed by highly qualified and experienced Scientists, Chemists and



Here we ensure that the raw materials comprising medicinal & aromatic plants, essential oils, fixed oils, extracts that are going into our formulations are authenticated with respect to pharmacognostical specifications. All the crude drugs are identified and authenticated through pharmacognostical studies. A crude drug museum has been set up that has a myriad display of preserved crude drugs including Herbaria. Herbaria are being prepared by collection of a wide range of plant specimens from different parts of the country. This crude drug museum is an integral part of our Pharmacognosy laboratory that serves the purpose of authentication.

We have documented and prepared Monographs for all the raw materials going into our formulations as per pharmacoepial guidelines by detailing its Morphology, Microscopy and Powder Analysis and also prepared permanent slides for documentation.

The chemical constituents are responsible for medicinal and therapeutic efficacy of the crude drug. Thereby it’s of prime importance to conduct an extensive screening of the chemical constituents contained in the raw materials going into our formulation. Here we conduct the extensive screening in the following lines:

1.   Qualitative Phytochemical Screening
2.   Quantitative Phytochemical Screening
3.   Chromatography

For the categories of constituents like Alkaloids, Glycosides, Tannins, Volatile oils, Resins, Gums, Fixed oil etc. we do Qualitative and Quantitative Screening of the chief constituent as per following methods:

1.   Volumetric Titration
2.   Gravimetric Method
3.   Spectrophotometer method

We maintain protocols and procedures for Microbial standards including pathogens for our certain raw materials and obviously for our finished products. Since crude drugs, their powders, extracts and finished products are susceptible to fungal and bacterial growth much faster that the synthetic chemicals a critical microbiological assay is essential. The following testing are conducted in our microbiology laboratory:

1.   Total Microbial Count
2.   Total Fungal Count
3.   Pathogen Testing

We consider that the microbiological tests are crucial for delivering quality herbal personal care products and Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals.

This plays a vital role in quality assessment and standardization of any formulation as well as raw materials. Our instrument laboratory is well equipped with state-of-art instruments comprising following:

1.   Gas Chromatography (GLC)
2.   Spectrophotometer
3.   Viscometer
4.   Karl-Fischer Moisture meter
5.   Colorimeter
6.   Polarimeter
7.   Refractometer
8.   Melting Point Apparatus
9.   Electronic pH meter
10.   Electronic balances
11.   Digital Gloss Reflectance meter
12.   Tablet Disintegration Apparatus
13.   Instant Moisturemeter
14.   Volatile Oil Determination Apparatus

Tests are carried out with the help of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) which is much more sensitive in detecting the constituents. More than that we use the instrument to determine heavy metals, which are toxic and are specified in various Pharmacopoeias. Heavy metals like Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium that are hazardous to health are determined and eliminated in all our formulations.

We maintain standard for the packaging material we use for our products. We ensure that by using various instrumental techniques as inferior packaging material leads to degradation of the content inside and there by diminishing the shelf-life of the product. More over we intend to put sufficient and correct label information so that it makes convenient for the users and medical practitioners. We have experts and technical staffs who are engaged in preparing and doing stringent quality checking of packaging material and labeling.