Bessan – Bengal gram flour. Indian bite.


Dpure Gram flour is flour made after grinding fine quality of dried chickpeas, without use of any artificial source. It is rich in protein and contains high proportion of carbohydrates but doesn’t contain gluten. It has slightly nutty flavor and earthy aroma. Gram flour is also known as chana flour, chickpea flour or Besan. In India it is popular as Besan flour and is used in various Indian recipes like ‘besan ke laddu’, Bhajia, pakode, paraths, Curry etc. Gram flour is also used in making sweat dishes as well as in preparing instant mixes available in market. Chickpea flour, chana or gramflour, besan flour is used commonly throughout India and in parts of the Mediterranean also.

It is also perfect as a thickener in curries and coatings in different kinds of fries. It is a substitute of egg for vegetarian people and it has a high in proteins and can be used instead of egg coatings in various recipes.


  • 50 Kg HDPE Laminated Bag
  • 25 Kg HDPE Bag
  • 10 Kg Printed Laminated Pouch.
  • 5 Kg Printed Laminated Pouch.
  • 1 Kg Cardboard box.
  • Customizable.